Biden Harris 2020 Election Tee Shirts

Days of great “Possibilities” and a better outlook for America could be closer than you think. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have vowed to lead the country closer to this reality. You are invited to help energize The Biden Harris 2020 Campaign by showing your support in an original tee shirt, designed by TeeForce Plus.You can pick from “Divine Nine” and “HBCU” inspired designs as well as other collections. Wear your shirt and generate more excitement among friends and family to help make November 3,2020 one of the best elections in American History. 

By purchasing a Biden-Harris Campaign Shirt, you are making a $5 donation per shirt to the Campaign.                                                                                                                      All shirts are 100% premium cotton and proudly “Made in the USA.”

Note: The Covid-19 situation may delay usual delivery times.(4-7 business days).                          Order Your  Shirt(s) Today!           Thank you for your support!